About The Political Muse

Welcome to The Political Muse.

The intent of The Political Muse is to open up an avenue for political dialogue and a critique on society. The ills and well-being that are experienced in some parts of our country are not shared by all. This can be due to a variety of forces – social class, race, religion, or environmental factors – just to name a few. To think that anyone is superior to another is asinine. Hopefully this blog will encourage collaboration and debate respectfully – with open ears, mouth closed, and most importantly, an open mind. The goal is to create a community that can have a respectful dialogue that will allow for a diversity of thought.

There is one truth that we all share, each one of us is unique. All of our minds are molded by our different experiences through life, our cultural upbringing, and individual personalities. Listening to one another will foster inclusion and understanding, allowing us all to address the challenges we face as a country. In today’s political climate, being open to communication and collaboration is needed for progress.

I have always been passionate about understanding the original intent of our Founding Fathers when they created our nation. I thought that is where my career was going to take me. Life had other plans. However, in today’s political climate I couldn’t help but ask myself, “is this the society I want to raise my children in?” Sadly, the answer is ‘no’. This project was born one night when I couldn’t sleep during this time of personal reflection.

Let me be clear, I love our country. I wouldn’t be journeying on this endeavor if I didn’t. Yet, at some point in our country’s development, especially the last one hundred years, we have lost our way, our identity, and an understanding of the core principles that made the founding of our country revolutionary. It scares me to think that people are not grateful for their liberty, they couldn’t answer ‘what are the Bill of Rights?’, or have never read the Declaration of Independence. Without your freedom, you have nothing, and if you don’t protect it can easily be taken away.

Today people prioritize having an outcry over slowing iPhones versus the exploding national debt that is going to come back to haunt us or the decaying education system that will hurt future generations. We forgot what is truly important. Our country has become a place of “what’s in it for me?” or “how is the government taking care of me?”. Our priorities are wrong.

So join me on a journey of exploration of society and politics through a thoughtful dialogue by listening to one another with respect and tolerance. Hopefully along the way we can remember what it means to be an American – that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.